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About Dr. Cooper

Dr. Sonia Cooper is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Illinois and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She has a Ph.D. in School Psychology from Northern Illinois University with a focus on low incidence disabilities. With several years of experience in working across the suburbs of Chicago, Dr. Cooper emphasizes the understanding that every child can learn with a dynamic, multi-strategic, collaborative, and data-driven approach.


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How I use Google Forms to collect data on every student interaction I have!

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When I was on internship, I realized how complicated special education is with all of the procedures, acronyms, labels, etc. If I was confused, I couldn’t imagine…

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Behavior Point Sheets are easy ways to target challenging behavior. Students earn points throughout the day that can be redeemed for preferred reinforcers. Point sheets are intended for students to receive frequent feedback on specific behaviors and serve as a visual reminder of expectations.

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As a school psychologist, one of my roles is to communicate testing results to the team (i.e., school staff, parents, and the student). When we start talking using “jargon” words such as “standard score,” we are assuming that the team understands what norm-referenced scores are. As a general rule of thumb, can an eighth-grade student truly understand what you are saying?

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After 11 years of experience in education, I have decided to change my journey. Although I love working in the field of education and hope to continue to work in the field, I want to shift my focus.

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